Black Clover Debuts Luck's Electrifying Ultimate Magic Form

Black Clover debuted an Luck Voltia's electrifying Ultimate Magic form with its newest chapter! [...]

Black Clover debuted an Luck Voltia's electrifying Ultimate Magic form with its newest chapter! Black Clover's anime might be coming to an end soon, but Yuki Tabata's manga series is heating up as the second phase of the fight against the Dark Triad have taken the battles directly to the Spade Kingdom. The previous chapter of the series teased that the fighters left in the Heart Kingdom would be making their way to the Spade Kingdom battles, and teased that they would be strong enough to make a critical difference. With the newest chapter, this is confirmed to be the case.

The newest chapter sees Noelle Silva and the other remnants of the Clover Kingdom knights that had been fighting Vanica in the Heart Kingdom before make their way to the Spade Kingdom to provide back up to Nacht and the others. It's revealed they had been training in something known as "Ultimate Magic," and the end of the chapter debuts Luck's take on this powerful skill with a new form -- Ultimate Lightning Magic: Lightning Battle Fiend.

Chapter 284 of the series reveals that after Noelle and the others had been saved by Patry and the Elves (who had been living in the Heart Kingdom following the Reincarnation arc), and the Elves decided to help them considering the major threat the Spade Kingdom poses. Due to their array training, the Clover Kingdom knights now would be able to access powerful and unique new magic known as "Ultimate Magic."

It's explained that Ultimate Magic is unique to each user, and we get a concrete example as the chapter comes to an end. Luck activates his Ultimate Magic, which gives him a speedy and powerful new form able to take out several mid-ranking devils. But unfortunately, it seems like this boost won't be enough to take on some of the stronger threats. At least when it comes to Luck's Ultimate Magic anyway. There's still all of the other fighters' Ultimate Magic left to see.

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