Black Clover Director Shares Start Date of the Anime's New Arc

Black Clover has kept fans in suspense for a few weeks now, and it is all thanks to the show's new [...]

Black Clover has kept fans in suspense for a few weeks now, and it is all thanks to the show's new arc. As the anime has slowly caught up to the manga, fans began to wonder how the hit show would divert its story to give the manga more time to plot the future. Of course, the anime industry has an answer for this kind of issue, and that is with filler arcs. Black Clover is finally ready to embark on its own anime-original arc, and fans just got some hard confirmation on when it will start.

Or rather, when it did start. It turns out the new arc is here at last. The most recent episode of Black Clover went live today, and it was there fans got a taste of the new arc. And for anyone needing hard proof about the arc's start date, you only have to check out Twitter to get it.

Over on social media, the episode director of Black Clover's latest release confirmed the new arc news. The user keimei_563 assured fans all went well with the anime's new episode, and the director went on to inform them that the "completely anime original" arc has begun.

This start date was shared by another source earlier in the year. If you follow the official English page for Black Clover, you might have seen the profile inform fans about the arc's debut with episode 142. While most fans took this update as law, there were others who felt unsure if the English page was privy to all the details. But as we have all learned today, the official English profile was spot-on with its report.

Now, fans are looking forward to whatever awaits them with this new arc. Black Clover has already shared its next episode titles with fans, and each one references the devils that Asta has learned so much about. So if we are about to head into a dark arc, audiences better brace themselves for anything and everything.

Are you excited for this arc? Do you have faith in Black Clover's filler or...? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.