Black Clover Reveals Asta's Reaction to Yuno's Spade Kingdom Bombshell

Black Clover's newest chapter revealed Asta's reaction to Yuno's Spade Kingdom bombshell. When the [...]

Black Clover's newest chapter revealed Asta's reaction to Yuno's Spade Kingdom bombshell. When the Spade Kingdom arc officially began in full, one of the first places attacked was the Golden Dawn as Zenon of the Dark Triad headed there in order to take their Captain, William Vangeance. Yuno has felt guilty about this since he was nearly killed in that battle, but what came after that was the more surprising part of all of this. A spy from the Spade Kingdom arrived in front of Yuno and revealed that he's actually a prince of that kingdom.

Chapter 264 continues the intense standoff between Black Bulls Vice Captain Nacht and the Clover Kingdom Magic Knights as they prepare for their next move, and it's here that Yuno reveals his Spade Kingdom connections to the Clover Kingdom Captains and Asta as well. Naturally, it blows Asta's mind to hear such a thing.

The newest chapter sees Nacht emphasize how he can only take the strongest fighters with him to fight the Spade Kingdom's Dark Triad, and Yuno presses him to go with them. Nacht then reveals that he knows about the Spade Kingdom spy who had arrived in the Clover Kingdom, and wanted to know why the Spade Kingdom's resistance forces would reach out to Yuno specifically.

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It's here that Yuno reveals to them about how he was told he was a Spade Kingdom prince, and it blows Asta's mind. Yuno details about how he was apparently evacuated to the Clover Kingdom as a child when there was a rebellion against the royal family in the Spade Kingdom. Asta can't really wrap his head around it, and notes how Yuno seems unfazed by it all.

Noting that the spy knows all about the design of the Spade Kingdom castle, there's a good chance Yuno will be coming along for the upcoming fight as well. This was especially true after Yuno heard about how Nacht plans to turn Asta into their ultimate weapon, so Yuno must be going through a number of emotions right now.

What did you think of Yuno's reveal to Asra? Do you think he's really a prince of the Spade Kingdom? Will that change his goal to become the Wizard King of the Clover Kingdom as the series continues? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!