It's Been Way Too Long Since Bleach's Anime Wrapped

Bleach is making a comeback in 2020 with an anime series adapting the final arc of the manga in [...]

Bleach is making a comeback in 2020 with an anime series adapting the final arc of the manga in the "Thousand Year Blood War Arc" as well as the spin-off story "Bleach: Burn The Witch" but it took far too long for this to happen! The original anime ended in 2012, with the popularity of the anime series declining via both the televised series and the manga. Even though the franchise continued through a number of different mediums such as the aforementioned spin-off manga series, mobile video games, and a live action film, proving that there is still an audience for a series that focused on the Soul Society.

The franchise focused on the adventures of Ichigo Kurosaki and was, in its hay day, considered to be one of the most popular anime franchises on the block. With the anime netting an impressive run of three hundred and sixty six installments along with five feature length films, it was unfortunate to see that the story of grim reapers had to come to an end. For around eight years, the franchise has been missing from the medium of anime, it's clear that there has still always been a desire to see these adventures return and we hope that this upcoming revival will warrant more content from the Soul Society in the future.

We understand that the original series had run out of gas, as clearly a tough decision had to be made with bringing both the anime series and the manga to a conclusion due to lack of interest, but the world that was presented here was chock full of characters and environments that could be transitioned into new avenues. Bleach: Burn The Witch is a perfect example of a story that doesn't necessarily include Ichigo and his friends, but it holds true to the spirit of their adventures and still gives fans a look into the world created by manga artist Tite Kubo! While the main series may not return following the airing of the "Thousand Year Blood War Arc", we hope to see the world continue to be explored.

Perhaps in the future, we can see Bleach move forward with a new group of character, welcoming in a new generation of humans and shinigami to the world of Soul Society!

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