Bleach Creator Answers a Big Question About Ichigo's Zanpakuto

Though it has been years since Bleach wrapped its manga, its creator has not left Ichigo behind. In fact, Tite Kubo is more in tune with the Soul Society than ever as he recently revived the manga and will soon see the anime return to TV. Of course, this means fans are taking their chance to ask him questions about Bleach, and Kubo just answered a big one that involves Ichigo's mysterious Zanpakuto. 

The whole thing came to light online as Kubo answered a fan question online about Zangetsu. The Bleach fan wanted to know whether Ichigo could choose between his Zanpakutō having one or two swords. But so far, it seems Kubo's answer has confused some fans even further.

According to the artist, the two blades which Ichigo yields in the manga's final arc are a sword and a sheath. As translator zazabgfd put it, "the correct shape for a Zanpakutō is one with a sheath, and the only ones without [one] are Sayafushi and Zangetsu. The two-sword state in which Zangetsu was reforged [corrects the original], and Zangetsu's true form appears when Ichigo's Bankai breaks his sheath."

Kubo goes on to say the sheath that Yhwach broke was absorbed into his other Zangetsu blade, giving him the most pure form of his Zanpakuto. The Bleach creator then said Ichigo can separate the swords at will if he wants to use two swords, but he can use them combined as well. It all comes down to whatever Ichigo wants.

Obviously, the shift between Ichigo's swords is confusing to follow, and manga readers are the only ones who know how it all happens. But soon, the anime will break things down for everyoneBleach is set to return this year with a Thousand-Year Blood War anime, and the epic arc will detail how Ichigo's true Zanpakuto is really made.

What do you make of this explanation from Kubo? Did the manga's ending with Zangetsu confuse you or...? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.