Bleach: Unohana's Dark Backstory Was Hinted Years Ago

Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War is keeping fans on their toes this fall, and its latest episodes have proven as much. Now that Yhwach and his goons have sent the Soul Society spiraling, all eyes are on those who survived. Some are in recovery like Ichigo while others like Kenpachi are eager to become stronger in the face of defeat. And as we just learned, Captain Unohana is determined to level up her colleague's power by doing away with her own lofty title.

What title might that be, you ask? Well, it has nothing to do with her captaincy. Unohana holds far greater merit. As it turns out, the Soul Reaper was named the first Kenpachi, and Bleach hinted at this dark origin years ago.

The Truth Behind Kenpachi

Nothing was ever said directly about the captain's murderous past, but we've known about her hidden power for decades now. One of the first Bleach data books outed that much when it revealed Unohana's specialty was kendo rather than healing. And when it came to attack power, Unohana was maxed out like Kenpachi.

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None of this power was ever seen under Bleach's final arc which we are seeing now on screen. Other teases about Unohana were given in Bleach's early days as she struck deep fear in Ichigo at several points with her blank smile. And of course, fans questioned why Unohana's first name Retsu translated into 'violent' or 'furious' in English.

Now? Well, we know the answer. Unohana was the first Kenpachi, and she turned the title into something truly fearsome. Now, Zaraki is ready to embrace the title fully, but the anime wants fans to know that transfer does not come easily. Shunsui has hinted the only method of inheriting the title Kenpachi is through blood, and this week, Unohana shed plenty as she went face-to-face with Zaraki.

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