Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War Just Launched One of Anime's Best Fights

Bleach struck out with a new episode this week, and of course, all eyes were on its big showdown. While Renji and Ichigo continued to recover from their battles, another feud began far away from prying eyes. After all, Zaraki has been challenged to unlock his full potential, and Captain Unohana will take his life should he not measure up. And as you can see below, fans are already obsessing over the long-awaited fight.

The whole thing began this week as Zaraki Kenpachi was confronted by one of his colleagues from the Gotei 13. To everyone's shock, it was Unohana that stepped to the fighter, and she challenged the Soul Reaper to unlock his full potential. In order to do this, Kenpachi must defeat the captain at her full power, and well – it turns out the healer is way stronger than we all thought.

Kenpachi vs Kenpachi

After all, it turns out Unohana has kept her true nature hidden from fans for years. She may be a gentle medic in our eyes, but to history, Unohana is known best as the first Kenpachi. During the first days of the Soul Society, Unohana garnered a violent reputation for murdering others, and it was only due to Captain Yamamoto's recruitment she stopped.

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Over time, the Kenpachi we all know took over the name, but now his title is being put to the test. This week's battle shows just how powerful Unohana is, but her challenge comes at a cost. In order to make Kenpachi strong enough to protect the Soul Society, he must kill his predecessor, but Unohana is facing her death with nothing but poise. Right now, it seems more likely she will kill Kenpachi rather than transform him. But if Bleach has taught up one thing, it is to never underestimate a Soul Reaper who's been backed into a corner.

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