Bleach Cosplay Releases Its Bankai With Soi Fon

Fans of the Soul Society have been waiting on word of the arrival of the upcoming anime adaptation of Bleach's previous arc, the Thousand Year Blood War Arc, which sees the Soul Society battling against the family known as the Quincies. With Tite Kubo returning recently to give Ichigo Kurosaki and company a new threat in the form of deceased captains that have been sent to hell, the Shonen creator has yet to reveal if the franchise will return with an ongoing series, but it's clear that the Soul Society has left its mark on fans and cosplayers alike.

Soi Fon was first introduced in the arc that saw Ichigo and his friends venturing into Soul Society, battling against the former member of the Shinigami in Yoruichi, the warrior with the ability to transform into a cat. Luckily for fans, Soi Fon was able to escape the numerous battles that were flung her way throughout the series, recently getting an appearance in the latest chapter from Tite Kubo and will sure to appear in the next anime project for Bleach that has yet to reveal its release date. Definitely a fan-favorite among the Soul Society, we definitely wouldn't be surprised to see more Cosplay of this grim reaper in the future.

Instagram Cosplayer Madara's Daughter offered fans a brand new look at one of the most deadly members of the Soul Society, who was originally a big threat to Ichigo in his attempts to rescue Rukia from certain death, but then eventually becoming a major ally in the various fights that have taken place throughout the Shonen franchise:

Soi Fon's weapon is a unique one, with its Zanpakuto form allowing her to deliver a deadly poison to her opponents with a blade that is close to her hand. When her Bankai is released, it goes into the complete opposite direction and allows the member of the Soul Society to blast a missile from her arm at opponents, making her a versatile threat to any opponent that she faces in the popular anime franchise.

What do you think of this new Cosplay bringing back a fan-favorite member of the Soul Society? Do you think we'll get news this year as to the arrival of the Thousand Year Blood War Arc? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the world of Bleach