Bleach Registers New Anime Web Domain Overseas

Bleach has been quiet for some years since it ended, but that all changed in 2021. After its anime comeback was confirmed, the series made a stunning return when Tite Kubo dropped a lengthy chapter out of nowhere. Now, it seems like Bleach is poised to continue both in-print and on-screen, so fans are living for its return. And now, it seems a website has been made for the show on the down-low.

The information comes from social media after user king_jin_woo did some snooping. The user discovered that a new website domain has been registered in Japan for Bleach, and it is pretty telling. The domain is known as 'bleach0-anime' and the registrant's info is being kept secret in a big way.

As you can see above, the domain was created on October 8th in Japan, and it isn't slated to expire for ten years. While the registrant info is being kept quiet, an address was given. Netizens have said the address used lines up with other anime domains from the past, but for now, all details regarding the registrant are being kept top secret.

This update has fans geeking out in a big way, and it is not hard to see why. Bleach confirmed its plans for a comeback late some time ago, and fans were told to expect an update in 2021. The year's end is only getting closer by the day, and this website domain is just the first of it. After all, a full-on Bleach Exhibition is being held in Japan starting December 18th, so this domain's creation is hardly a coincidence. So if netizens are good this winter, their holiday gift might just be an anime teaser for Ichigo's small-screen return!

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