Bleach Reveals Ichigo's Real World Job

Bleach finally revealed what Ichigo Kurosaki is doing for work in the real world outside of his [...]

Bleach finally revealed what Ichigo Kurosaki is doing for work in the real world outside of his duties as a Soul Reaper! As part of a celebration for its 20th Anniversary of its first being published in Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump magazine, series creator Tite Kubo returned for a special one-shot chapter picking up right from where the original series ended. This means we finally got an update on how Ichigo and the others are currently living their peaceful lives following that final chapter's timeskip, and Ichigo has returned to a semi-normal life in the human world too.

But as one would expect, being a Soul Reaper does not exactly pay the bills so Kubo casually revealed what Ichigo has been doing for work since growing into adulthood. It's not as glamorous of a job as you would expect from Ichigo (considering we also didn't know much about his school interests during the original run either), but it's also nothing to scoff at as Ichigo revealed that he currently works as a translator.

Bleach Ichigo Kurosaki Real World Job Manga Spoilers
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The special "No Breathes From Hell" one-shot chapter saw Renji Abarai invite Ichigo to a special ceremony in the Soul Society known as the "Konso Reisai." This ceremony brought Ichigo together with the other Soul Society lieutenants in order to properly pass on some fallen Captains. They gathered in the human world to capture a Hollow needed for this ritual, and the down time before one arrived allowed Ichigo and the others to catch up.

Ichigo revealed that he's got a deadline that he still has a way out before meeting, and when asked what he did for work, he casually revealed he's a translator. But it seems that his human world duties are going to be strained for a while as it's soon revealed that Soul Society is under yet another huge threat as the final pages of the chapter reveal not only Hollows that have become much stronger, but the forces of Hell are starting to awaken now that there aren't powerful beings like Yhwach and Aizen holding them back.

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