Bleach Meets Loki in This Official Marvel Collaboration

Loki has taken over much of the Internet since its big debut on Disney+, and the Marvel Studios [...]

Loki has taken over much of the Internet since its big debut on Disney+, and the Marvel Studios show is living its best life. Tom Hiddleston's return to the beloved anti-hero has fans feeling great, and Loki is converting naysayers across the globe. That is why Japan felt it was time to offer the Trickster God a gift, and Marvel accepted it on the behalf of... Bleach?!

Yes, that is right. In the most unlikely of moments, it seems Bleach and Loki have teamed up. The supernatural anime got a special tie-in with Loki in Japan, and fans are rooting for creator Tite Kubo amidst the crossover.

Over on Twitter, Marvel's official Japanese account shared the crossover to the delight of everyone. As Loki celebrates its global debut, Marvel Studios took time to honor the villain alongside another trickster. And to make things all the better, the other villain happens to be Aizen. Kubo was asked to draw a poster for Aizen in the same style of Loki's first poster, and it works oh-so well.

As you can see above, Aizen is shown in great detail, and this realistic style defines the villain's jawline in the best way. With his hair pushed back, Aizen has a severe look on his face as he dons his usual black-and-white robes. The outfit is a far cry from the TVA clothing Loki wears for much of his solo series. The organization's prison jumpsuit isn't the most fashionable thing, but Loki makes it work. Naturally.

Now, these two villains can live together mostly in peace, but there is no doubt Loki and Aizen would stab each other in the back at the smallest slight. That is just the nature of these things, so hopefully Kubo can work things out with Hiddleston if things with the baddies sour...

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