Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War Episode 10 Stills Released

Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War is moving along with its first cour, and things are heating up as the anime keeps pace. So far, the show has dropped close to ten episodes, and the Soul Society is in shambles thanks to a massive attack by Yhwach's forces. And now, a new update from Bleach is giving us a look at episode ten ahead of its launch.

As you can see below, the stills for episode ten were shared on social media after the official Bleach website posted them. A total of five shots were shared, and yes, they do feature Ichigo. In one shot, the character can be seen in shadows as he looks up to the sky with a hesitant expression. And as for the other?

Well, Ichigo's second still is pretty priceless. It proves the bromance between him and Renji is thriving these days. And yes, Koh does show up in the shot as well.

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As for the other stills, Bleach gets to the core of things by paying attention to Unohana's big arc. This week saw Bleach pit the usually demure captain against Zaraki, and fans were stunned to see just how brutal Unohana could be in battle. Despite being known for heating, Unohana's start in the Soul Society was a bloody one, and she was known for her unspeakable massacres. Gifted the title of Kenpachi, Unohana was the first Soul Reaper to use the name as proof of her power. Now, Zaraki is eager to inherit the title for real, but he must strike down Unohana in order to claim the spot.

Clearly, Bleach's first cour is ready to pop off, and episode 10 will help the goal right along. If you are not caught up with the anime, you can find it streaming on Hulu stateside and Disney+ globally. The original Bleach series is also available to binge, and both series come subbed and dubbed!

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