Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War Shares New Info on Its First Cour

Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War is ramping up the stakes as the Sternritter has cut its way through countless heroes and villains alike in their rampage. As the first season continues releasing new episodes, the shonen comeback story has released new details when it comes to its "cour" and when we can expect the grand finale of the series to air. With Ichigo currently trapped in a pocket dimension, the Wandenreich have increased their advantage thanks to the outcome of the latest brawl.

So what is a "Cour" in relation to anime, when episodes are often split into "seasons"? Well, a cour is a batch of episodes that run consecutively on a weekly basis typically, while a season can be split amongst vast amounts of time if necessary. This is the case with the dark anime adaptation, Attack on Titan, whose fourth season has been split into three separate parts that have aired across so many years, with each of those parts being referred to as their own "Cour". For Bleach's Thousand Year Blood War, the first cour will be thirteen episodes, meaning that anime fans will have to wait for the additional installments when the thirteenth episode airs, with a new report detailing that the series might extend into 2024. 

Bleach: Thousand Year Blood Cour

This new season of Bleach will apparently be split over the course of "4 Cours", which means that we'll be getting episode dumps of around thirteen installments per cour. Next April, fans in Japan will have the opportunity to own the first cour for the Blood War, as a new Blu-ray/DVD set will be released.

In the latest episode of Bleach, the Soul Society took a major hit as the elderly leader of the Shinigami, Yamamoto, found himself on the receiving end of a terrifying blow that has, more than likely, taken his life. Despite Yamamoto's terrifying power, he was outplayed by Yhwach, who sent in a doppelganger of himself to get the battle going.

Ichigo is currently trapped in a pocket dimension that separates himself from his Soul Reaper comrades, making this fight against the Wandenreich all the more desperate.

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