Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War Introduces a New Shinigami Girl Crush

Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War is now in the midst of recovering Ichigo Kurosaki for his next big fight against the Quincies, and along the way has introduced a new Shinigami girl crush to the anime with the newest episode of the series! The anime kicked off Ichigo's big recovery and training arc a couple of episodes ago with the introduction of a brand new Gotei 13 squad, Squad Zero, full of some of the strongest fighters in the Soul Society overall. But as one would expect from this series, they are also proving to be some of the wackiest characters in the series too. 

With the previous episode of the series introducing the five members of Squad Zero, Ichigo is now working his way through their five palaces in order to make it through many more phases of training. The second palace he heads to belongs to the "Grain King," Kirio Hikifune, and it's here that fans instantly fell in love with the new heroine when it was revealed that she takes on a different form when she cooks: 

Who is Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War's Newest Girl Crush? 

Episode 9 of Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War introduced Hikifune more fully after her first impression with the rest of Squad Zero. Ichigo and Renji head to her palace together, and she offers them lots of food to eat once they get there. Ichigo is hesitant to eat and have a good time considering everything that happened to the Soul Society, but Hikifune (who loses weight due to how much spiritual pressure she uses when cooking) reveals that this is part of the training as well. 

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Ichigo needs to heal his body for as much quick damage it's going to be going through from everything before, and the rest of the squad's palaces to come, and thus her palace provides a very necessary step in the recovery. It also turns out that she's also the one who came up with the temporary soul items in Soul Society, so she's a much more important pieces of the franchise lore than fans might have expected at first! 

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