Naruto and Sasuke Team Up for an Epic Rinnegan Swap

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations anime once again has fans buzzing like crazy after its latest [...]

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations anime once again has fans buzzing like crazy after its latest Naruto and Sasuke tag-team fight. Naruto and Sauske took on Jigen, the leader of the mysterious Kara Organization on the battlefield of another dimension. After Jigen's surprise attack on Hidden Leaf Village, Naruto was happy to get transported to a place where he could really let loose. It was a major highlight of this Boruto anime series, as getting to see Naruto and Sasuke's adult-level powers unleashed on this level was truly a sight to behold. And Naruto fans are truly freaking out about one epic combo move they saw during the fight!

The clip above captures a critical point in the battle between Naruto, Sasuke, and Jigen, where it was clear all three were ready to go in for the proverbial kill. Naruto is powered-up in Nine-Tails Chakra mode with a Rasengan in hand, falling from the sky ready to take Jigen. However, Jigen isn't at all afraid of the aerial challenge from Naruto, and flies up to meet his foe head-on. However, Sasuke knows that Jigen will get the drop on Naruto, and uses the Rinnegan Swap to switch places with his friend, to deliver a fatal beheading sword-stroke to Jigen!

However, this episode of Boruto, "He's Bad News" revealed some shocking facts about Jigen. The jutsu technique the villain uses is an Ant-Man-style ability to shrink and re-enlarge objects and himself; just as Sasuke's sword comes for his head, Jigen enlarges some rods he had implanted in his own neck and blocks the killing stroke.

Ultimately, Naruto and Sasuke don't have what it takes to stand against Jigen - even when they're standing together. Even Sasuke's Complete Body Susanoo and Naruto's Nine-Tails form can't keep the shinobi safe from Jigen's attack, and as stated, the Rinnegan Swap even fails. It's not surprising though: the other big revelation of the episode is that "Jigen" himself is just a "vessel," just like Kawaki is: the real power is that of "Isshiki" the Otsutsuki who was Kaguya's partner and has apparently been hiding out inside Jigen this whole time. Against an Otsutsuki that powerful, Sasuke is left fighting for his life, narrowly escaping before Naruto is sealed away in a pot-shaped prison by Jigen.

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