Boruto Cliffhanger Sets Up Sasuke and Naruto's Biggest Fight Yet

Boruto: Naruto Next Generation's anime series is red-hot right now, and there's even bigger action [...]

Boruto: Naruto Next Generation's anime series is red-hot right now, and there's even bigger action on the way next episode! The Kara Arc has at last delivered the biggest threat in the evil organization's roster: Kara leader Jigen, who is tied to the Otsutsuki Clan. (Spoilers) Jigen launched his own surprise attack on Hidden Leaf in order to re-acquire his vessel Kawaki, and Naruto was left at a huge disadvantage, as he couldn't let his full powers loose in the crowded village. However, when push really came to shove, Jigen opted to warp himself and Naruto to Kara's dimension, where Sasuke arrived just in time to aid Naruto in the fight!

You can watch the cliffhanger of Boruto episode 203, "Surprise Attack!" below:

The last time we saw a fight like this in Boruto, it was when Momoshiki and Kinshiki took Naruto prisoner, leading to Sasuke, Boruto and the Kage invading another dimension in order to rescue him. That led to some of the best episodes in Boruto's anime series, and definitely the most epic fight the series has seen. Now, the battle between Jigen, Naruto, and Sasuke has the potential to be another series highlight of Boruto - one that fans should definitely tune in to see!

Boruto's anime catches a lot of heat for being packed with filler and generally being a lot more silly and childish than its manga counterpart. That's changed with the arrival of the Kara Arc. Not only is this story arc much more directly tied to the manga series version of the story, but Boruto's anime has also fleshed out the story and its characters in such a way that the anime has managed to enrich the storyline. The TV series has introduced key characters and built them up before the manga ever did; it's also provided characters from the manga with much more backstory and characterization, which actually makes them that more interesting. It's a great time to watch.

As Boruto has made big waves in the Naruto fandom over the last year or so of the Kara Arc's run. It would be an understatement to say that this arc is one of the most transformative and significant of the entire Naruto Saga. Check out the preview of Naruto and Sasuke fight with Jigen HERE.

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