Boruto Censors SPOILER'S Brutal Death

Over the years, Naruto has seen some of its top heroes face a gruesome end. From Jiraiya to Asuma, [...]

Over the years, Naruto has seen some of its top heroes face a gruesome end. From Jiraiya to Asuma, there are plenty of ninja who've died in spectacularly bloody ways. So far, Boruto has kept away from such dark themes to the confusion of some fans, but it seems the series is about to quit messing around. After all, a new villain has been introduced, but his gory jutsu has drawn complaints after it was censored on the small screen.

This weekend saw the release of a new episode of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, and it was there fans met the new baddie. The Mujina Bandits arc ended its first half with Team 7 having escaped Hozuki Castle with Kokuri in tow. The accountant was nearly killed after being dragged underwater by Tsukiyo, but Team 7 were elated when Kokuri resurfaced.

Or well, they would have been if the person were actually Kokuri. It turns out the leader of the Mujina Bandits is the one who surfaced, and he took Kokuri's place using an absolutely brutal jutsu which was censored this time around.

Naruto Boruto Prison
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As the end of the episode explains, Shojoji has taken on the body of Kokuri, and he did so when he drug the man underwater while disguised as Tsukiyo. The henchman gave Team 7 all kinds of grief, but no one had expected the man to be Shojoji in disguise. It is obviously Kokuri never saw it coming, and he couldn't defend himself when Shojoji decided to use his Corpse Clone Technique on the so-called traitor.

And how does that technique work? Well, it requires Shojoji to eat the brain of his victim while they are still alive to absorb both their appearance and knowledge. This means the gangster began to eat Kokuri alive while they drowned, and the thought it enough to make anyone's stomach churn. However, the anime chose to censor this scene by simply showing Shojoji unhinging his jaw as if he were about to eat Kokuri before the flashback faded to black. Later on, the anime might go so far as to actually show the actual technique, but fans should probably be grateful that they were spared this sight.

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