Boruto Cliffhanger Teases Naruto's First Real Fight With Kara

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is teasing Naruto Uzumaki's first real fight against Kara with the cliffhanger in its newest episode! The anime is now making its way through a brand new arc all about Kawaki, and Naruto has taken the young boy into his care to not only keep him away from Kara but also figure out more about who he is and why Kara wants his power so badly. While Naruto and the Hidden Leaf Village are fully aware of Kara's threat thanks to prior missions, Naruto is about to find out how dangerous they are face to face.

The newest episode of the season makes good on the previous tease of seeing both Kashin Koji and Delta outside of the Hidden Leaf Village's borders with Delta finally making her move on Kawaki. While this was already a big deal on its own, the cliffhanger from the episode promises that Naruto will be seeing for himself just how dangerous a member of Kara really is with a full brawl in the next episode.

Episode 197 of the series sees Naruto taking Boruto, Kawaki, and Himawari out into the woods for another training session just as they did in the previous episode. Only this time, Delta has sprung into action. Caught in the sensors from Ino and the others, Naruto tells the police force to stand down as he'll be dealing with this problem directly. Not only is this the first real fight Naruto will have with an Inner member, it'll be his first real fight with Kara overall.

Boruto and Team 7 have brushed against the members of the Kara and their machinations during the Kara Actuation arc and more, but Naruto has only heard about them in reports following these missions. So while he's been preparing himself for the worst, this upcoming fight with Delta (in which he'll be forced to fight while also trying to protect his children from harm) will be the first real test against the mysterious organization he'll face.


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