Naruto Reveals Another Secret Otsutsuki Jutsu

Boruto Uzumaki has encountered one too many Otutsuki in his life, but that is how things go. The [...]

Boruto Uzumaki has encountered one too many Otutsuki in his life, but that is how things go. The World of Naruto was introduced to the fearsome foes during the Great Ninja War, and another baddie has popped up decades after the war to finish what Kaguya started. And thanks to a new chapter of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, fans have finally learned another secret jutsu used by the Otsutsuki.

Or at the very minimum, a power used by Isshiki. The newly introduced Otsutsuki is still shrouded in mystery, but Naruto fans know the baddie had a falling out with Kaguya long ago. Since then, he has honed his secret jutsu which makes him into a knock-off Ant-Man.

Isshiki uses the ability in chapter 47 after he is covered in flames. He cannot absorb them since they are made of an actual fire, so he uses his secret jutsu to shrink the flames. It is Amado who tells the Hidden Leaf gang about the move, and it is an intriguing one.

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"The Suikuna-Hikona, Isshiki's secret jutsu. It can shrink almost anything. And restore it almost instantly too. The only exception is living things. He can shrink himself, but no other living thing. But otherwise, anything goes," the ex-Kara member explains.

Of course, Naruto fans got a hint of this power before when Amado mentioned it in passing. Jigen was taken control of years ago by Isshiki after the latter was injured. He shrunk himself down to the point he fit in Jigen's ear which turned Isshiki into a parasite. He stayed inside of Jigen until he was strong enough to bong with the monk for real, but that all went up in smoke this chapter. After all, Jigen was burned alive, and the only thing left afterward was Isshiki who might have other special abilities up his sleeves.

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