Naruto Reveals a Terrifying Side of Shikamaru in Boruto

There are some ninja you just don't want to mess with. It might seem obvious for the most part, [...]

There are some ninja you just don't want to mess with. It might seem obvious for the most part, but the stars of Naruto aren't the kind of people you want to ruffle. Not even Hinata can stand by quietly when being threatened, and the gentle heroine will turn into a force of nature should her family be threatened. That is exactly why fans got to see a rare side of another parent thanks to Boruto's latest chapter. Shikamaru Nara is scary when he's mad, and a threat against his son turned the strategist into a near rage monster.

The whole thing began in the latest chapter of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. The sequel is in a tight spot right now as the Hidden Leaf has welcomed a possible defector to its pool. Amado of the organization Kara is seeking safety after running out on the group, but he ruffled Shikamaru too hard when he drop a casual death threat against his son Shikadai.

"Did I not explain earlier that restraining me is meaningless? If you want, I can blow up Shikadai's head right now," the older man shared with the Hokage and Shikamaru during a brief interrogation session.

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Of course, Shikamaru does not take nice to the threat, and he throws Amado against the wall. The stunning scene shows how angry Shikamarru is over the situation and the fact that Shikadai is being held hostage. The Nara clan might be known for its calm intellect, but there is nothing so terrifying as when you rouse a clansman to anger. Shikamaru has proven why that is a bad idea, and he might have caused serious harm to Amado should Naruto not have ordered his advisor to step down. Now, the Nara has to work with the former Kara agent if he wants to save his son, and fans feel confident Amado will do just about anything to get the dad off his back.

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