Boruto Comes Clean About Mitsuki's Strange Origins

The latest episode of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations has been garnering a lot of attention from [...]

The latest episode of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations has been garnering a lot of attention from fans of the Hidden Leaf Village thanks in part to the staggering animation used, while also giving us more insight not only into Kawaki, but into the origins of the offspring of Orochimaru in Mitsuki. With Kawaki unleashing an insane amount of power against the Kara Organization member named Garou, which is so intense that it nearly swallows Boruto and the other members of Team 7, Mitsuki has a brief opportunity to learn more about how he came to be via the Vessel's current predicament.

As fans of the new generation of the Hidden Leaf know, Mitsuki has one of the most interesting origins of Team 7, having been created by the former antagonist Orochimaru. Holding a number of abilities that their parental figure had, Mitsuki has been nothing but a valuable ally to Boruto and hasn't shown any signs that he will eventually follow a villainous path as he gets older. In the latest episode of Boruto's anime, we see Kawaki pass out after utterly atomizing Garou with the Karma power lying within himself, giving Team 7 some valuable time to study the fallen enigma.

Boruto Mitsuki Origin
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With Katasuke Tono explaining that Kawaki was created artificially via the Kara Organization, Mitsuki believes that he holds similar origins to the Vessel. Tono quickly clears up this misconception as Mitsuki was creating using biological material, while Kawaki seems to be filled with artificial material that gives him insane power at his disposal. With the villain Garou clearly having a mechanical influence, sporting some insane blasters on his arms, it's clear that Kara is diving deep into the world of artificial power to help push forward their goals.

Though Mitsuki and Kawaki are different, they do share a number of similarities, which can also be said for the Vessel and Boruto who both share access to the energy known as Karma. With the latest episode coming to a close as Team 7 decides to bring Kawaki's unconscious body back to the Hidden Leaf Village, it is a guarantee that Kawaki has a future in the Shonen franchise.

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