Boruto Gives Curious Update on Naruto's Sage Mode

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations has given a curious update on Naruto Uzumaki's Sage Mode power with the newest chapter of the series! Things have been rough for Boruto and the Hidden Leaf Village since the fight with Isshiki Otsutsuki, and while Boruto himself has been grappling with the fact that his body is no longer his own his dad is going through his own ordeals as well. Much of the focus of the fallout has understandably been on Boruto and moving the story forward, but the newest chapter of the series finally gives us more insight into how Naruto is doing. 

After suffering the loss of Kurama in the fight against Isshiki, fans have not seen much of how Naruto himself is recovering from the fight. There are still many major questions as to how much he's actually capable of now without the boost he gets from the Nine-Tailed Beast, but the newest chapter reveals that without Kurama, he still has access to his Sage Mode transformation. There's a small wrench in that, however, as it seems like it's not completely back to the way it was before as there are some small kinks to work out.

(Photo: Shueisha)

Chapter 64 of the series sees Naruto and the village finally pinpoint Boruto's chakra after failing to track the young ninja and Kawaki in the previous chapters. Noticing Code's chakra as well, Naruto vows to take matters into his own hands and activates his Sage Mode to do it. Shikamaru then questions how long Naruto can keep the form active, and Naruto gives a curious update. Naruto plays it coy with Shikamaru as not only a way to avoid the question, but also potentially bluff about how strong he is currently. 

Naruto says that he can keep his Sage Mode a lot longer than before, and jokes that it's the "wisdom of age" that allows him such control over it. This raises so many eyebrows about not only the strength of this new version of Sage Mode, but its utility. We have yet to see Naruto fighting without Kurama, so it just makes it all the more curious about whether or not he'll actually be able to maintain the mode for as long as he boasts. 

What do you think? How strong do you think Naruto's Sage Mode is without Kurama giving it an extra boost? Curious to see Naruto's first fight without Kurama at his side? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!