Boruto Shares Update on Sarada's Chidori Training

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations shared an update on how Sarada Uchiha's Chidori training is shaping up with the newest episode of the series! With the anime's take on the Kawaki saga recently making it through its first major battle as Naruto was able to defeat Delta, Boruto and the rest of Team 7 has been preparing themselves for Kara's next move. Now that they have found out just how out of their depth they are (and it's even more so than their fights against Deepa before), each member of the team is getting ready for the next fight in their own way.

Previous episodes had seen Sarada reach out to her father in the hopes he would teach her how to use the Chidori, and then we got to see him showing her the ropes. But with the majority of the recent episodes focusing on Kawaki we have not seen much of her actual training since. With the newest episode, fans get a promising update that shows she's quickly on the path to mastery.

Episode 201 of the series is mostly focused on Kawaki following the cliffhanger in which he came face to face with Kurama, but the rest of the episode offers brief teases for the future. One of these is an update for Sarada as we see her training at the same waterfall. Closing her eyes for a moment and honing her attacking sense, a fully activated Sharingan then helps her use her own Chidori.

Launching her Chidori straight forward, she strikes the waterfall and it's so effective that it splits the current just as she hopes. Unlike her father's version of the Chidori, Sarada's has a cherry blossom shape but seems to be just as powerful. All we get to see from that point is her smile, so it's likely that this training is also going well. She's going to need this technique to be fully functional if she wants to help fight against the next Kara threat too.


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