Naruto Fully Introduces Kawaki to Kurama in Newest Episode

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations fully introduced Kawaki to Kurama with the newest episode of the series! The anime recently wrapped the first major fight of the Kawaki saga as Naruto had been able to defeat Delta of Kara. With the current episodes now exploring the fallout of that fight, Boruto and the rest of Team 7 now need to ready themselves for Kara's next move. This includes Kawaki, who now shares a closer bond with Naruto than ever as Naruto now provides him the necessary chakra to operate his new prosthetic arm.

As Kawaki learned with the cliffhanger from the previous episode, Naruto's chakra carries a big secret within it as he came face to face with the Nine-Tailed Beast, Kurama. With the newest episode of the series picking up immediately after this first introduction, Kurama and Kawaki end up having quite the long and deep conversation about how Kawaki and Naruto really resemble one another.

Boruto Naruto Kurama Kawaki Meeting Anime
(Photo: Viz Media)

Episode 201 of the series fully introduces Kurama to Kawaki as Kurama appears as a large chakra spirit defending Naruto's body while he sleeps. Although he's initially wary of Kawaki, Kurama reveals that he's actually been tasked with watching over Kawaki while Naruto sleeps. Making things even more humorous to him, he then explains that the Five Kage actually had asked him to do so as a favor.

Speaking with Kawaki further, Kurama reveals that Naruto and Kawaki have a lot more in common than Kawaki realizes. Because although it seems like Naruto became the Hokage due to his massive power, Kurama reveals Naruto's tragic back story of living all alone. He speaks about watching Naruto grow up through all of these trials and eventually winning the respect of the Hidden Leaf Village.

Kawaki might have heard these things from Naruto too, but hearing more about Naruto's past from not only a being like Kurama, but a being that had been attached to Naruto all this time has really opened his eyes. The Kawaki we see after this conversation is already a lot less prickly than he had been before, but now we'll see what that means for the anime going forward.


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