Britney Spears Loves Posting Her Kids' Anime Fan-Art

Sean And Jayden Spears love themselves some anime, and their proud mom can't help but share their artistic talents with the world.

Britney Spears is known to be an artist as well, but her music is what most everyone knows her for. With her kids, that might end up being a different story, as they seem to be all in on Dragon Ball. Spears continues to share their drawings, which most recently included marker sketches of Frieza and Vegeta.

"My son's artwork from scratch! I must say... I'm pretty impressed 😊❤️."

My son's artwork from scratch! I must say... I'm pretty impressed 😊❤️

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This is just the most recent example of course, as in the past Spears has shared sketches of Super Saiyan Goku as well as Goku in his base form with the caption "My son puts so much time and detail into his work... he's becoming a true little artist and I'm so proud!" Spears wrote. He's also drawn other sketches of Goki in his Super Saiyan form, as well as another Goku, which Spears shared with the caption ""My children's art inspires me everyday."

At one point she shared another sketch, which was done in pencil, showing several portraits. She shared the image with the caption "I give him 💯💯💯 points!".

I give my son 🥇🥇🥇💯💯💯

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They might love Dragon Ball Z, but they also love their mom, so it's fitting that they created some art of their mom too.

Of course, they don't relegate their love of Dragon Ball to just art. Spears shared an image of her son dressed up as Lord Frieza for Halloween last year, and we'd bet that we'll see them as another character this year. Goku? Piccolo? Majin Buu perhaps?


Regardless of who they pick to recreate this year, we're sure Spears will be super proud.

H/T Buzzfeed