Castlevania Cosplay Gives Isaac A Fem Makeover

The fourth and final season of Netflix's popular animated series, Castlevania, gave us a last [...]

The fourth and final season of Netflix's popular animated series, Castlevania, gave us a last thrilling adventure for characters such as Trevor and Sypha, but also gave us a glimpse as to what the devil forger Isaac will be up to now the latest season from Powerhouse Animation has brought the story to an end. With the death of Dracula in the finale of Season Two setting Isaac on a path of revenge that had him creating an army of night creatures at his beck and call, the final story of the devil forger was definitely a surprise to many.

While the latest Castlevania series came to an end, Powerhouse shocked many when it was announced that the franchise will continue on Netflix with a new spin-off series that will follow the events of Castlevania: Rondo of Blood. Following the descendant of Trevor Belmont and Sypha, Richter, the next chapter in the war between the king of the vampires and the Belmont Clan will give the perfect opportunity for some older characters to return, specifically Alucard who has a role to play in these video game entries. While we aren't sure whether Isaac or his fellow monster creator Hector will return to the series, they definitely became fan favorites following the conclusion of the supernatural tale.

Instagram Cosplayer Beat By Dime shared this unique take on the solemn character who was grappling with the idea of eliminating humanity or living amongst it following the death of his master, who never actually came into contact with Trevor Belmont, Sypha, and Alucard throughout the animated series:

As viewers saw in the fourth season of Castlevania, Isaac was put on a bloody trajectory to battle against Carmilla and her sisters, who were also using a devil forger in Hector to create an army in hopes to fill the power vacuum left by Dracula. Isaac was luckily successful in defeating Carmilla and instead of continuing his quest to eliminate humanity, he decided to free Hector and live a life without hate or revenge.

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