Castlevania Fan Recreates Alucard's Most Delicious Looking Dish

The third season of Castlevania may have come to an end on Netflix, but fans are still reliving some of the biggest moments of the series by creating fan works honoring some of the biggest characters in the world of the Belmonts, with one fan recreating the most delectable dish cooked by the son of Dracula himself, Alucard! With the second season coming to a close as Alucard did the impossible, murdering his own father, the half vampire, half human spent season three not just training a new pair of vampire slayers, but also cooking some mouth watering meals!

Season Three put Alucard into a tricky situation as with his father no longer plaguing the world at large and threatening to eliminate humanity, the son of Dracula had to figure out just what he was going to do with his time now. As he took residence in the castle of Dracula, Alucard passed the time by creating delicious meals that he would cook with extraordinary care, attempting to pass the hours as he slowly lost his mind. No scene showed this off more then when Alucard sat down to eat the meal he slaved over and began talking with dolls he had made of his vampire hunting companions in Trevor Belmont and Sypha!

Twitter User AleksDotes shared this amazing recreation of the meal that Alucard made at the start of season three, attempting to maintain his sanity as he dwelt within his father's castle following the titanic battle that resulted in the king of the vampire's death:

Alucard, unfortunately, wasn't able to make a meal good enough to stop his new students from stopping their attempt to kill him and steal his magic, and castle, for themselves! Though now, the son of Dracula will have plenty of time to work on his cooking skills as he has murdered the pair of students that attempted to kill him and has returned the depths of Dracula's castle, looking to live out his days in isolation, until of course the next big threat arises in the confirmed fourth season of Castlevania!


Would you try to make Alucard's favorite meal? Where do you see him going in Season Four of Castlevania on Netflix? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and vampire hunting!