Netflix's Castlevania Looking to Expand Universe With New Series

Netflix is looking to expand the universe of Castlevania's original anime series with a new [...]

Netflix is looking to expand the universe of Castlevania's original anime series with a new series! Netflix has had a ton of success with its original anime productions in recent years especially, and one that has led the pack in many ways is the anime series based on Konami's Castlevania video game franchise. Fans have been waiting patiently for news for the fourth season ever since it was first confirmed to be in the works following the successful third, but the newest update certainly threw fans for a loop as it was confirmed this new season would be the last.

But while this fourth season will be the final one, it might not be the final slate of episodes we actually get from this universe. Following the announcement of the release date for the final season, Netflix shared an interesting report from Deadline which teases that while Castlevania will be ending with Season 4, the franchise is looking to expand with "a new series set in the same Castlevania universe with an entirely new cast of characters."

While the news of Castlevania ending with its fourth season certainly took fans by surprising given the massive popularity of the first three seasons, it seems that massive popularity will be sprouting some brand new adventures for the franchise. With the original video game franchise following the adventures of several different members of the Belmont bloodline (along with the anime series teasing the family's past as well), it's not exactly surprising to see Netflix finding merit in those other stories.

The franchise has a ton of potential protagonists and threats it could explore with this original series, or an entirely new one as teased by this report. If the Castlevania universe continues with a new set of characters either adapting a different series of games or telling a brand new story altogether, this could be fun if this final season sticks the landing for this first group of characters.

But what do you think? Which stories would you want to see Netflix's Castlevania anime take on next? Would you want to see Castlevania expand with a new cast of characters if it meant more of this anime? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!

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