Castlevania Cosplay Bends The Elements With Sypha

Castlevania's fourth and final season has come and gone, most likely giving us the final journey [...]

Castlevania's fourth and final season has come and gone, most likely giving us the final journey of Trevor and Sypha specifically, but one fan has honored the latter with some element bending Cosplay that highlights the power of the vampire slayer. With Powerhouse Animation announcing during Netflix's Geeked Week that a new spin-off/sequel series is on the way that will once again dive into the story of the Belmont Clan, it seems as if Sypha's chances of appearing here are slim to none considering that the story of Richter Belmont and Maria will take place hundreds of years later.

Sypha was easily one of the strongest members of the trio of vampire hunters that Netflix's Castlevania, having the ability to warp the elements to her will, that she displayed in some amazing ways. During the final episodes of the second season, Sypha used her abilities to transform a vampire into ice and smashed her using the clap of her hands. The fourth and final season sees Sypha continuing to adventure alongside Trevor, with the two continuing their loving relationship as they battle against countless creatures of the night and eventually reunite with Alucard in a bid to stop the resurrection of Dracula.

Instagram Cosplayer Jannet In Cosplay shared this unique take on the vampire hunter who first appeared in the video game, Castlevania 3: Dracula's Curse, who helped Trevor continue the Belmont line, as was noted in the final episode of the animated series:

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In the final episode of the latest animated series, Sypha is put into the toughest scenario of her life when she believes that Trevor died in his battle against Death itself. Luckily for her, Trevor was able to survive the encounter, discovering that he was going to be a father thanks to his relationship with the sorceress who first appeared in the premiere season. As mentioned earlier, the bond between Trevor and Sypha will continue the Belmont line, with the last episode also revealing that Dracula has been resurrected, proving that there will always be a need for vampire slayers in this supernatural tale.

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