Netflix's Castlevania Confirms New Series

Netflix has confirmed that the world of the Belmonts isn't over as the streaming service has taken [...]

Netflix has confirmed that the world of the Belmonts isn't over as the streaming service has taken the opportunity during Geeked Week to chat with Powerhouse Animation, as the studio has revealed that a new Castlevania series is in the works. On top of this confirmation, Powerhouse also let fans know that the series will be revolving around the characters that were made popular in both Castlevania Rondo Of Blood and Castlevania: Symphony of the Night with Richter Belmont and Maria, which most likely will see Alucard return to the series as well.

For fans of the video game franchise, players will definitely recognize the names of Richter Belmont, the ancestor of Sypha and Trevor, and Maria Renard, as they first made their appearance during Castlevania: Rondo of Blood. Following this initial adventure, the vampire slayers then came into contact with Alucard via one of the most legendary games in the series with Symphony of the Night. Though we have yet to receive any new images with regards to the continuation of one of Netflix's most popular animated shows, the story will see Richter and Maria as a part of the French Revolution and we definitely wouldn't be surprised to see the lord of the vampires make a return.

Netflix shared the confirmation of Castlevania's return via their Official Twitter Account as a part of Geeked Week, letting fans of the vampire slayers know that they have far more work ahead of them when it comes to one of the most popular video game franchises in the world:

The final season of Castlevania's first series ended with something of a happy ending, as Trevor, Sypha, and Alucard finally managed to defeat Death and start a village of their own, finding happiness in a world that is plagued by darkness. Though we aren't sure if Trevor and Sypha will return, Alucard coming back for the new series seems like a foregone conclusion based on the events of the game series.

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