Castlevania Studio Highlights Season Four's Biggest Skeletons

Castlevania's fourth and final season landed earlier this month, bringing to a close the story of [...]

Castlevania's fourth and final season landed earlier this month, bringing to a close the story of Trevor, Sypha, and Alucard while also introducing some surprising skeletons along the way, and Powerhouse Animation has revealed new concept art for some of their biggest deceased denizens of the world of Dracula and the Belmont Clan. Though the world was free of Dracula's presence following the conclusion of the second season, it's clear that there were plenty of villains that were looking to take over his operation, with one of those being the most famous skeleton of them all in Death himself.

Death has long been a part of the Castlevania franchise, proving just how powerful Dracula is wherein the ethereal force was actually a part of the Lord of the Vampire's inner counsel, with the Grim Reaper himself being a part of the very first game released on the Nintendo Entertainment System. Returning time and time again throughout the decades of history within the franchise, it was still fairly surprising to see him take on a big role in the final season, attempting to bring back Dracula as the creature of the night was so efficient at eliminating large swaths of mankind and feeding him in the process.

Powerhouse Animation shared not only the concept art for Death himself, but also by sharing the art for the skeletons of the royal family that had an influence on both Trevor and Sypha in the fourth and final season of one of Netflix's biggest anime franchises:

While the current iteration of Castlevania might be finished, Powerhouse has gone on record that the possibility of a spin-off is definitely in the works and with plenty of Belmonts and creatures of the night having yet to make their way to the animated series, there is definitely lots of room to explore for a potential future show.

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