Chainsaw Man Outs the Manga's Most Unsettling Devil Yet

Chainsaw Man is back with a new chapter, and of course, the manga made good on its promise to shock readers this week. After chapter 122 left us dangling on a cliffhanger, Tatsuki Fujimoto reunited readers with Asa this week as she faces a new devil. We have learned the true identity behind the devil who prompted a bout of mass suicide, and they are one of Chainsaw Man's most unsettling foes yet.

For those who are desperate to know, Chainsaw Man chapter 123 reveals the creature is the Falling Devil. The villain appears to be one of the Primal Fears as the Famine Devil warned Yoshida such a threat was coming. Now, the Falling Devil is flexing their power for real, and it is scary, to say the least.

"The lower the heart sinks, the higher the body falls. That's the concept of this dish," the Falling Devil says as they liken themselves to a chef. "May the flavor of past traumas delight your taste buds."

So, there you have it. The Falling Devil is a primal fear for humanity, and their power allows them to feed on negative emotions. When a person is feeling low, the Falling Devil can manipulate their victim into jumping off ledges to their death. At the end of Chainsaw Man chapter 123, we see the Falling Devil use their powers further to force bystanders feeling down high into the sky where they'll eventually fall. And given Asa's depression, she gets caught up in this mess with Yoru unable to help.

Unlike characters such as the Gun Devil, this new foe isn't gory outright, but their psychological warfare is on another level. The Falling Devil has the power of primal fear and makes it even more potent by preying on humanity's depression. In a world filled with devils, you can hardly blame civilians for feeling down 24/7, and their jaded emotions give the Falling Devil the fuel they need to spur bloodshed with ease. 

If you are not caught up with Chainsaw Man fully, you will want to check out its devils from part one ASAP. Fujimoto's manga is available to read entirely online courtesy of the Shonen Jump app. As for its anime, Chainsaw Man season 1 debuted last fall, and fans are keeping an eye out for the show's season 2 announcement. 

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