Chainsaw Man Theory Outs the Manga's New Primal Devil

These days, the Chainsaw Man manga is filling in for the absence left by MAPPA's anime adaptation after season one. With the series following a new protagonist in Asa Mitaka, the War Devil, the story is ramping up with the hinting at the big bads that will surely present challenges for the new hero and Denji the Chainsaw Devil alike. With the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse starting to amass, a new primordial devil might be right around the corner according to a Chainsaw Man fan. So, be warned that spoilers follow below regarding the latest Chainsaw Man update, chapter 122.

Following the disastrous date that came to an end in the previous Chainsaw Man chapter, Asa comes across a terrifying sight in which regular citizens are flinging themselves off their balconies to certain death. The gruesome scene begins with a regular couple discussing a new promotion, with the two arguing over whether they should use the promotion to acquire a new car. Of course, as is typically the way in the Chainsaw Man manga, things become far worse as the two seemingly agree to kill themselves out of nowhere. While fans might thank that Power is a wild character, the series continues to inject plenty of unbelievable scenes in her current absence. 

Chainsaw Man: A Primordial Devil

With each of the devils roaming the Earth gaining their power and existence, thanks to humanity's overall fear, the manga has already focused on Famine earlier in the latest Chainsaw Man chapter. Asa is presented with a new terrifying devil that is missing a head, seemingly replacing its noodle with a variety of arms that are horrifically in place in the final moments as well. While fans might think that the devil might be Death, a new theory has fans wondering if the new threat might in fact be "Suicide" specifically, which is certainly something humanity fears.

There has been no word yet on if there will be a season two for the Chainsaw Man anime, but even if the anime adaptation continues, it will be quite some time before we see these current events hitting the small screen. The Chainsaw Man manga has released quite a few chapters that will need to be adapted but it is sure to be a bloody fun ride for anime fans if the first season is any indication. This year has Studio MAPPA delivering a number of projects to anime fans so we might be waiting until 2024 at the earliest for season two.