Chainsaw Man Goes for Broke With Aki's Latest Fight

Chainsaw Man has kicked off the final arc of its anime's debut season with the newest episode, and the series has really showed off what Aki can do in a truly big fight! As the anime readies to round out its final slate of episodes for the Fall 2022 anime schedule, Denji and the rest of the Special Division 4 members have been in a period of recovery following their escape from the Eternity Devil's trap. But in doing so they have come back to a whole new kind of problem as a new group has launched their first assault.

The newest episode of the series has officially kicked off the final arc of Chainsaw Man's first season, and Aki and the others found themselves in a surprise attack by someone who has the same kind of power as Denji. This new fighter was able to transform into the Katana Devil much like Denji can with his Chainsaws, and this pushed Aki to such a brink that he need to unleash some of his own abilities in a fight as well. 

How to Watch Aki's Latest Fight in Chainsaw Man

Episode 8 of Chainsaw Man sees Aki fighting against this new Katana Devil enemy, and he reveals that the sword on his back is actually more like a pinpointed nail which he uses to attack certain points on Katana Man's body. He's able to swiftly land each of these attacks, and each one brings Katana Man closer to a "curse" that launches on the foe and locks him down within a deadly new trap. But that wasn't the end of the fight, unfortunately. 

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It's revealed that Katana Man had help from yet another powerful devil contract holder, and the Katana himself had been holding back in his fight against Aki. Now it's just a matter of watching each of the new episodes (which you can now do with Crunchyroll) to see whether or not Aki will be able to recover from such a major fight. 

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