Chainsaw Man Cosplay Brings The Power Following New Trailer

Chainsaw Man might have its fair share of blood and guts when it comes to the young man Denji [...]

Chainsaw Man might have its fair share of blood and guts when it comes to the young man Denji attempting to navigate his way through a world of devils while holding the power of the Chainsaw Devil, but the franchise is also well known for its idiosyncratic characters. With the arrival of the first trailer for the upcoming anime series adapted by the legendary studio known as MAPPA, one fan has celebrated by creating Cosplay for one of the lovable devils of the series in Power, one of Denji's best friends who has some serious affection for a stray cat.

Though we have yet to be given a release date as to when we can expect the animated adventures of the Chainsaw Man and his friends to arrive on the small screen, the series created by Tatsuki Fujimoto is one of the most highly anticipated properties to be receiving an anime adaptation. Power herself is a "Blood Fiend" who finds herself falling in love with a stray cat but forced to work on behalf of a far more terrifying devil in order to save the feline's life. Coming into contact with Denji early on in his adventures as a devil, she eventually found herself becoming a professional safety devil hunter.

Instagram Cosplayer Blood Raven shared the professional look of Power when she is freed of her commitment to the Bat Devil and decides to join the government to hunt down other devils that are currently throwing the world into turmoil, including the all-powerful fiend known as the Gun Devil:

Chainsaw Man brought the first chapter of its manga to an end, ending the story of Denji and his friends, though Tatsuki Fujimoto hasn't been shy about the fact that the series will be returning with a second chapter at an unspecified point in the future. Considering how popular the dark series is before the arrival of its anime, it's definitely no surprise to see that fans are clamoring for the continued story, even with a good deal of characters biting the bullet throughout the Shonen series.

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