Chainsaw Man Creator Shares Update on New Anthology Manga

When it comes to manga these days, it seems Chainsaw Man is one of the series you hear talked about most often. Tatsuki Fujimoto shocked the fandom with the complex series a few years back, and work on the franchise is ongoing. In their downtime, Fujimoto has kept busy with work on side projects, and he is teasing fans with new info on one of them.

The update went live recently thanks to online fan pages like MangaMoguraRE. It was there news went live about Fujimoto's upcoming anthology titled 17-21. The collection is set to go live this week, and it will include at least four stories. The tales have their own titles now, so you can read up on them below:

  • Niwa ni wa Niwa Niwatori ga Ita
  • Sasaki-un ga Judan to Meta
  • Koi was Moumoku
  • Shikaku

At this point, Chainsaw Man fans are not sure if these are the only shorts in the collection or if there are more included. It isn't difficult to imagine there being other untitled stories in this anthology, so fans should keep their ears open for further updates. After all, 17-21 has been fairly mysterious from the get-go. And if you did not know, this is not the only anthology going live.

A second collection from Fujimoto is slated to debut in November. Fujimoto has explained a bit about these books and where their shorts came from. In 17-21, the collection houses shorts that Fujimoto wrote between those years of his life. His second anthology will follow his work through age 26, so fans will get to see how the artist's style has changed over the years. And if you love his work in Chainsaw Man, well - these anthologies will show you how Fujimoto's work from years ago helped bring the hit series to life. 

What do you think of this update on Fujimoto's anthology? Will you check out this collection of shorts? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.