Chainsaw Man to Get First Novel

Chainsaw Man first debuted in the pages of Weekly Shonen Jump in 2018, but the anime franchise has wasted little time in ascending the ranks as one of the biggest properties in the medium at present, and it seems as if the story of Denji will be getting some brand new stories via its upcoming first novel. With the series set to receive an anime adaptation via Studio MAPPA, fans are waiting to see when the bloody tale of Denji will hit the small screen and how the television series will cover the insane world of devils.

The anime franchise created by Tatsuki Fujimoto tells the story of Denji, a young man who simply wants three square meals a day, a roof over his head, and has a trusty dog who happens to harbor the power of the Chainsaw Devil. With Denji working for the mob at the start of the series as an enforcer, he finds himself dragged into the world of devils as he fuses with his dog, Pochita, in order to save his life, also granting him the power of one of the strongest devils in the world. Joining a government organization that prides itself in fighting devils, Chainsaw Man is set on a collision course with the "Gun Devil" while battling some insane threats along the way.

Jump Books shared the big news for the upcoming Chainsaw Man novel which is set to land in Japan on November 4th, which will take a number of familiar characters from the bloody series and tell their stories throughout the events of the first part of the manga series:

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