Chainsaw Man Cliffhanger Teases the Falling Devil's Bloody Sacrifice

Chainsaw Man has thrown quite the curveball at anime fans with the second part of its bloody manga series. Putting Denji the Chainsaw Devil on the bleachers as Asa Mikata the War Devil takes the reins of the series, the new protagonist might be wishing that she weren't the hero this time around. Encountering a "Primal Fear" in the Falling Devil, Asa is having to deal with her own insecurities and tragic back story as the new disturbing villain prepares to make a dish that is one of the most disturbing things the series has to offer so far. 

Warning. If you have yet to read the latest chapter of Chainsaw Man's manga, Chapter 124, you might want to steer clear. At present, Chainsaw Man Season 2 has yet to be confirmed despite the popularity of the first season. This makes sense when it comes to the sheer amount of projects MAPPA is currently working on, but luckily, the manga from creator Tatsuki Fujimoto is doing some heavy lifting. Following the reveal of the Falling Devil in previous installments, Asa is on the run as she is scared out of her mind, not from the devil itself but the feelings that resurface as a result of its presence.

(Photo: Shueisha)

The Falling Devil's Menu

As fans of the series know, devils are fueled and made stronger depending on how much humanity fears the concepts from which they are born. With the Falling Devil, it's clear that the abstract nature of its origin allows for it to root itself into some wild territory, allowing victims to "fall" into the trauma of their own pasts. The Primal Fear is feeding its victims to a horrific creature that looks like a caterpillar torn from the Hellraiser universe and it would seem that the Falling Devil is preparing to put Asa and the War Devil next on its menu. 

Presenting a horrific human dish to this worm-like creature, the Falling Devil breaks down her current and future dishes: "For the soup course, I present De Root Atelanta. A potage made from the ears, tongue, and nose of a devil hunter who tried to hunt me. It's almost time to serve the main dish. Its name is Asa Root Yoru. A human and War Devil fusion." 

With the Primal Fears now roaming the Earth, it will be interesting to see if Denji and Asa can put aside their differences to fight the major threats coming their way. While the Gun Devil might have been an extraordinarily powerful villain in the first half of the shonen series, these new antagonists might put it to shame. Unfortunately, it might be a few years before we see any of these new creatures hit the small screen when it comes to Chainsaw Man's anime adaptation.