Chainsaw Man Shares Heartbreaking Detail About Asa's Past

There are some things you read that cannot be forgotten, and Chainsaw Man just dropped one of those moments on readers. This week, the world was gifted a new update from the series, and the Chainsaw Man manga did not hold back. In true fashion, creator Tatsuki Fujimoto left readers paralyzed by a bout of poignant trauma, and the revelation has fans looking at Asa in a new light.

After all, Chainsaw Man chapter 123 was hardly kind to the girl. We watched Asa run into a Primal Fear, and the long-feared devil proved to be terrifying. The Falling Devil revealed its power that preys on humanity's fear of falling whether it be physically or mentally. This means the primal devil can force people to relive their traumas, and Asa found herself facing that threat as we looked into her childhood.

To put things bluntly, the flashback saw Asa at a children's home following the death of her parents. The matron there convinced Asa to adopt her cat as Crambon was lonely, but the whole thing was a lie. The matron took the cat and killed it in a river before Asa could find out the truth. When asked, the matron said it was unfair for Asa to have anyone who loved her as family given everyone else at the orphanage was alone. And yes, it is clearly messed up.

The detail has shaken fans, but Fujimoto layered the flashback with an even more heartbreaking detail. The cat's name Crambon has an important history in Japan courtesy of writer Miyazawa Kenji. The author penned the story "Yamanashi" which spoke of a mysterious figure named Crambon. The character has become somewhat of a literary mystery as Miyazawa was never able to explain the purpose of Crambon to readers before his own passing. Students in Japan often study the short story to discuss what meaning Crambon had, but for the most part, his existence is one with no purpose. But as Miyazawa often wrote about the death of loved ones, many believe Crambon is meant to simply convey some unnamed feeling of grief.

With this in mind, the death of Crambon in Chainsaw Man is made all the worse. There is a concrete ending to this manga's Crambon, and Asa is left reeling in the wake. Clearly, it caused enough trauma for the Falling Devil to manipulate, and Crambon's death is just one of many that haunt Asa. So as you may have guessed, the girl's fight against the primal devil is going to be an intense one.

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