Chainsaw Man Cover Art Highlights the Famine Devil

It goes without saying by now that Chainsaw Man is an unstoppable force. Since its debut, the Chainsaw Man manga has sold well under creator Tatsuki Fujimoto, and its recent numbers have skyrocketed thanks to its anime. When Chainsaw Man returned to print for part two, Fujimoto drew more eyes to his series than ever before. And now, a big devil is taking up the cover of Chainsaw Man's next manga volume.

As you can see below, the artwork for Chainsaw Man volume 14 is live, and it features a very familiar face. The gorgeous color piece focuses on the Famine Devil following their debut in the manga. Obviously, the arrival of another Horseman was a big deal for readers of the Chainsaw Man manga this past year, and now Famine is celebrating itself with this cover tribute.

After all, the artwork shows Famine in their usual school uniform, and they are posing in front of a stained glass mural. The background gives Famine an otherworldly feel thanks to its religious undertones, and that fits given what we know of this devil. After all, Famine is one of the Four Horsemen alongside the Control Devil and War Devi. At this point, the only Horseman we haven't met is the Death Devil, but we are sure that threat will be an endgame one for Chainsaw Man.

For now, the Chainsaw Man manga is paying homage to its latest Horseman, and the Famine Devil is most definitely worthy of love. So far, we know little about the character who goes by Fami to most. Posing as a student at Four East High School, Fami acts as a Devil Hunter Club member, and she made herself known to Yoru/Asa in record time. So far, Famine's motivations have been kept under wraps, but few good things can come from a Horseman's ambition.

Of course, the Chainsaw Man manga will share more about Famine and the Horsemen as part two moves along. Right now, Asa is dealing with a massive issue, and we have a Primal Fear to thank. The Falling Devil has come to Earth from Hell in the manga's latest update. And now, Yoru must take a backseat while Asa fights against the devil's influence.

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