Chainsaw Man Part 2 Comes Alive with Special Fan-Animation

Chainsaw Man will unleash its anime adaptation next month, with Denji's story being brought to life thanks to Studio MAPPA. The bloody Shonen series has many stories to cover as the manga continues to reveal bloody tales revolving around devils and those who hunt them. While Denji has only recently returned, a new devil has taken the reins via the War Devil and one fan has managed to create a new fan animation capturing the intensity of Asa Mitaka and the first devil she fought.

Asa Mitaka made a deal with the War Devil to not only save her life, but also grant her the ability to transform anything she touches into a weapon. The twist of her supernatural abilities lies in the fact that the more attached Asa is to a person or object, the stronger the weapon she creates will become. Unlike Denji's relationship with Pochita, in which the canine devil doesn't have much to say to his human side, the War Devil is consistently needling Asa while trying to get her to get revenge against Denji as quickly as possible. Currently, the reasoning behind why the War Devil wants Denji dead remains a mystery, though the death and destruction left in the Chainsaw Devil's wake wouldn't make it a surprise that there are plenty of people gunning for him. 

One Reddit User shared this impressive fan animation that recreates a pivotal moment in Asa Mitaka's life in which the deal was struck with the War Devil and she was given the power to defeat her classmate turned devil in the brutal first chapter of Chainsaw Man's long-awaited comeback:

Short CSM Part 2 animation by @daydreamkazooma from ChainsawMan

Chainsaw Man's anime might just become the biggest new series of 2022, with Studio MAPPA of Attack on Titan and Jujutsu Kaisen fame having already released two trailers that show how the studio is approaching the bloody world from the mind of Tatsuki Fujimoto. It might be quite some time before we see Part 2 of the series brought to the small screen, but MAPPA has gone on record that they would love to adapt all the works of Fujimoto.

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