Chainsaw Man Gets Rom-Com Makeover With This Viral Tribute

Chainsaw Man might have buckets of blood and gore that are present in the series that follows the life of the devil hunter Denji, but the series created by Tatsukii Fujimoto isn't shy about venturing into other genres when exploring this universe of devils. With one of Denji's key goals in the first season of the anime adaptation being to get a girlfriend, the second chapter of the manga has brought him wildly close to achieving this goal, with new art hilariously depicting the bloody Shonen as a romantic comedy.

If you're following along with only the anime, the manga has seen Denji placed into a rather unique situation that is far different from his early days as a devil hunter. Without going too deeply into spoiler territory, Denji is no longer the hero who is leading the series, but instead, the current War Devil, Asa MItaka, has taken the reins. While Asa's story has a number of similarities to that of the Chainsaw Devil, with the young high-schooler striking a bargain with the devil of war, she is definitely a much different character than the boy who would strike a bargain with the Chainsaw Devil in an effort to attain a life that many of us take for granted. 

Chainsaw Dating Man

Twitter Artist Am88121 took the opportunity to re-imagine Chainsaw Man as a romantic comedy, with the latest chapter of the manga seeing Denji and Asa going on their first date in an aquarium, which has taken a dark turn for the Chainsaw Devil thanks to the arrival of the Third Horseman of the Apocalypse:

Chainsaw Man, unlike many other anime series, is only planning to have a dozen episodes in its first season, which makes sense if you think about not only the level of quality that is on display, but also keeping in mind the sheer output that Studio MAPPA is performing across numerous anime series. While a second season hasn't been confirmed, MAPPA has been adamant that they are hoping to adapt all of Tatsuki Fujimoto's manga works at some point.

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