Netflix's Cowboy Bebop Reveals Release Window, Yoko Kanno's Return

Cowboy Bebop has kept fans hanging where updates on concerned, but the series couldn't keep its [...]

Cowboy Bebop has kept fans hanging where updates on concerned, but the series couldn't keep its loyal followers waiting forever. Today, it seems like Netflix has finally given us an update on its live-action version of the hit anime. Netflix Geeked promised an update on Cowboy Bebop was imminent, and it seems the ambitious adaptation has dropped its first behind-the-scenes look. And to make things better, fans were informed the show will drop this fall with Yoko Kanno returning to provide original music.

The whole revelation began courtesy of Netflix as promised, and the three main stars of Cowboy Bebop dished the news. The trio confirmed Kanno will return to the franchise to provide original music for the live-action adaptation. Of course, fans are geeking out given how influential Anno's music was in the original anime, so his comeback is much appreciated.

The behind-the-scenes peek also teased fans about when Cowboy Bebop will go live. Netflix's promo said the cast will see fans this fall. It seems like the adaptation will be ready to launch in some short time, and that is a relief to fans. Cowboy Bebop has taken longer to go live than expected, but when you have a global pandemic on hand, you have to be flexible.

Earlier this year, Cowboy Bebop confirmed it was done filming, so fans have held out hope for a 2021 release. The project got underway well before COVID-19 spread into a pandemic, but filming was delayed after an on-set injury left star John Cho sidelined. By the time he was ready to film, the global pandemic put productions all over on pause, but Cowboy Bebop managed to straighten out its schedule in the end.

For anyone unfamiliar with Kanno, the Japanese composer is a bit of a legend. She is one of the most recognizable artists in the anime industry given her work on Ghost in the Shell, Wolf's Rain, Terror in Resonance, and more. Kanno's most famous work came with Cowboy Bebop, but she also does original music as the frontwoman of the band Seatbelts.

And as for Netflix's Cowboy Bebop, the cast and crew look impressive to say the least. Cho is slated to bring Spike Spiegel to life while Daniella Pineda portrays Faye Valentine. Mustafa Shakir will play Jet Black, Elena Satine plays Julia, and Alex Hassell plays Vicious.

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