Netflix's Cowboy Bebop Cast Discuss The Controversial Ending

Netflix's live-action adaptation of one of the greatest anime series of all time, Cowboy Bebop, made a number of changes when it came the adventures of Spike Spiegel, Faye Valentine, and Jet Black, adding to the backgrounds of each of the characters while re-working some of their biggest moments throughout the series. In a recent "aftershow" titled Cowboy Bebop Unlocked, the cast and creative minds behind the new series discuss the controversial ending to the first season of the live-action series that changes things up from the original anime created by Sunrise. 

Warning. If you have yet to finish the first season of Netflix's Cowboy Bebop, be forewarned that we'll be diving into massive spoiler territory for the season finale.

While the battle between Spike and Vicious is recreated from the anime in a scene that is beat-for-beat from the source material, the finale to this confrontation is changed exponentially as a result of Julia making her play and being the one to force Spike out the window. Locking up Vicious in a basement and taking over the Syndicate from herself, this change in particular is one of the biggest detours from the source material and adds a new wrinkle to the relationship that Julia has with both her current husband and the former love of her life. 

Netflix Geeked shared the video from Cowboy Bebop Unlocked, which sees John Cho, Daniella Pineda, Alex Hassell, and Elena Satine discussing their roles as Spike, Faye, Vicious, and Julia respectively, with showrunner Andre Nemec also adding in some commentary as to the changes made in this season finale:

Of course, the changes to the confrontation between Spike and Vicious wasn't the only major change that the live-action series implemented, with the season finale also introducing their version of Ed, the resident hacker of the Bebop who had been absent from the first ten episodes for the majority. With actor Eden Perkins playing the youngest member of the bounty hunter troop, Ed is sure to play a much bigger role should Netflix's Cowboy Bebop be renewed for a second season. 

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