New Netflix Sci-Fi Series Is Taking Over with Its Ratings

Cowboy Bebop is back in action, and Netflix is helping oversee its return in a big way. If you did not know, the series is thriving online thanks to streaming services, and Netflix took things a step further this past weekCowboy Bebop has debuted its live-action TV series at last, and it turns out the project is taking over Netflix's rankings across the globe.

The update comes straight from Netflix has the site has recently revealed new tools to measure how well a show is doing. Though the service keeps several vital stats private, fans can now see how a show is performing daily and even weekly amidst its peers. This is why we know Cowboy Bebop is taking over Netflix's Top 10 rankings domestically and abroad.

For those curious, Cowboy Bebop made its debut on November 19 stateside and internationally. Since then, the series has found itself ranked in the top ten domestically with it peaking at number one more than once. In the last five days, the show has become the sixth most-watched show on Netflix in America, and it has taken over other regions as well.

According to Netflix, Cowboy Bebop is ranked in the top ten within 30 different countries. Places like Canada, Jamaica, South Africa, Cyprus, Australia, Sweden, Russia, and more are leaning into the western sci-fi.

As for its daily records, Cowboy Bebop is doing as well as you'd expect. The show is ranked in the top 10 in 72 countries on November 24. With its average being the third spot, Cowboy Bebop is doing great on its own, but some markets aren't embracing the show. Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, and even Japan have the show listed in tenth place as of today. Other regions like Argentina and Chile have dropped off the series entirely as Cowboy Bebop has fallen from their top ten lists.

For now, fans are enjoying the live-action series by the day, and Netflix will have a full week's worth of data for the show soon. It seems the series is fairing well at the service, but it does have some stiff competition. Arcane at Netflix is leading the pack these days, and Tiger King season two went live the other day. But when it comes to original programming, well – there is only one Spike Spiegel to go around.

What do you think of Netflix's take on Cowboy Bebop? Have you binged the new series or its old-school anime yet? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.