Death Note Creator Reportedly Eyeing New Manga

It has been years since Death Note closed shop on its manga, but the series is thriving in its own way. The dark series remains a go-to pick for anime veterans needing a bit of drama, and its supernatural angle brings in new fans by the day. And if a new report is right, one of the manga's creators is about to take on a new manga series.

The rumor comes from Twitter as several large fan-sites shared the update with Death Note fans. Places like MangaMoguraRE told fans the new series is coming under Takeshi Obata's guidance, and the artist will team up with Asakua Akinari on this series.

If the rumor is true, the new series will be very different from Death Note. Obata's series is said to be titled Shoha Shoten, and it will focus on two boys striving to become comedians. This blurb is the only one out about the manga, but it sounds the opposite of Death Note. But as we all know, story synopses hardly scratch the surface of a good story's plot.

Obata may have a new series on his plate, but it is far from the only project at his hand. If you did not know, Obata and Death Note writer Tsugumi Ohba teamed up in 2015 to tackle a new story titled Platinum End. The manga is set to get its own anime shortly, and Obata has also kept busy with other creators. The artist did a manga adaptation of All You Need Is Kill with Ryosuke Takeuchi in 2014 before teaming with Nobuaki Enoki on School Judgement: Gakkyu Hotei. Most recently, the Obata returned to Death Note in 2020 with Ohba for the special one-shot known as The a-Kira Story.


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