Demon Slayer Cosplay Unleashes Nezuko's Berserk Form

Demon Slayer has beaten down every record put before it, and the anime fandom has cheered its [...]

Demon Slayer has beaten down every record put before it, and the anime fandom has cheered its every step. In the last few years, the shonen story has become one of the biggest in the world, and the Demon Slayer community is thriving under the spotlight. Now, one fan has given their own take on Tanjiro's little sister, and the cosplay unleashes her demonic form.

Over on Instagram, the user kaezuko.cos tackled Nezuko Kamado for the greater good. As you can see below, the Demon Slayer cosplayer decided to bring the heroine's unleashed form to life, and it shows how terrifyingly gorgeous the boost is.

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The cosplay doesn't veer too far from how Nezuko looks usually, but her pink robes are on clear display here. The gag usually seen in Nezuko's mouth is gone, and a white horn is shown sprouting from her forehead. A series of protruding veins can be found on her head and around her eyes as Nezuko gives a dangerous glare to the camera.

Of course, the form's defining look comes from its tattoos. Nezuko is covered in vines and leaves which pattern her skin. The temporary ink looks like it was taken straight from the Demon Slayer manga, so we have to give two thumbs up to the look.

For Demon Slayer newcomers, you will see this berserk form before too-too long. Nezuko is able to tap into the demonic boost when her life is put in danger. The form enhances Nezuko's fighting ability to the extreme, but it forces her to consume human blood to recharge. By the manga's end, Nezuko has better control of this form and its power, but her initial control was lacking, to say the least.

If you like this cosplay, you can check out even more from kaezuko.cos over on Instagram here!

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