Demon Slayer: Watch Tanjiro's Sword Get Forged in Real Life

Demon Slayer is living large these days thanks to its movie, and fans have never been so invested in the Demon Slayer Corps. Of course, guys like Tanjiro are still ranking as top characters in the series, and plenty of fans dressed up as the protagonist for Halloween. Now, one brand is taking Tanjiro even further by bringing his sword to life, and fans will not believe the time it took to forge the blade.

Recently, That Works gave fans an update on its plans to forge Tanjiro's blade when a new video was posted to the Youtube channel. The team managed to bring the sword to life with help from Funimation, and the project is rather fascinating to watch. And as it turns out, it took six months to forge the sword that Tanjiro wields.

Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba Tanjiro Hinokami Kagura Episode 19
(Photo: ufotable)

According to That Works, the Demon Slayer sword was made as closely in line with traditional methods as possible. The sword itself was forge from Tamahagane, and it looks absolutely gorgeous in the end. The six-month project was well worth it in the end, but there is no telling how much a replica like this could cost. The labor alone would push the sword into quadruple digits if not more.

Obviously, Demon Slayer fans are excited to see Tanjiro's sword be treated so well, and many of them admit they would like a replica of the Nichirin Blade for themselves. This actual sword might be too pricy for most of us, but Tamashii National will be released a life-sized replica of the sword next year. The item will not be nearly as deadly as the one That Works made, but it will help fans bring their Tanjiro cosplays to the next level.


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