Be Like Tanjiro with This Fun Demon Slayer Sword Collection

Demon Slayer has easily become one of the most popular anime franchises since its television series debuted last year, and fans can now have the opportunity to wield the sword of Tanjiro himself thanks to a replica that gathers both the power of water and fire. With the first season having wrapped its run, fans are awaiting not only the release of the first feature length film of the franchise with Demon Slayer: Infinity Train, but also confirmation that the animation studio of Ufotable would be bringing back the series for a second season to continue the tale of these demon hunters!

The sword that has both a water and flame blade, perfectly replicating the powers of Tanjiro as he utilizes the breathing techniques that he learned during his training in an effort to avenger his slain family and cure his sister's demonic influence, will come with around fifty voice lines from the protagonist himself. Releasing later this fall for around $60 USD, this will definitely help a number of Demon Slayer fans re-enact some of their favorite fights that helped put the franchise on the map and propelled it to heights of popularity that have it often outselling the juggernaut franchise that is One Piece!

Created by Bandai, the "Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba DX Nichirintō" sword does a fantastic job of bringing to life both the water and flame elements of the attacks that has assisted Tanjiro in slaying any number of demons on his often perilous missions that he encounters on his journeys throughout the world:

(Photo: Bandai)
(Photo: Bandai)

Like many other anime properties, Demon Slayer's original release date was set for this year, but was delayed as a result of the coronavirus pandemic that has it being released next year. With the upcoming film recreating the "Mugen Train" saga that took place in the manga, fans can't wait to revisit Tanjiro, Nezuko, and the other idiosyncratic demon slayers that have helped propel the series to the heights of popularity.

Demon Slayer's story has recently ended in the manga, but there is still plenty of material left for the anime to explore before it hits its big finale. Considering the popularity of the series, we wouldn't be surprised if we eventually got word of a sequel or spin-off series.


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