Demon Slayer Channels Broly with This Buff Nezuko Sketch

Demon Slayer may have come to an end with the story of Tanjiro and Nezuko wrapping up in the [...]

Demon Slayer may have come to an end with the story of Tanjiro and Nezuko wrapping up in the manga, but that isn't stopping fans from revisiting the franchise that became one of the most popular anime series of 2019, and one fan artist created a particularly insane sketch that blends the demonic protagonist with the Legendary Super Saiyan. Dragon Ball Super, unlike Demon Slayer, has yet to complete its story with Goku, Vegeta, and the other Z fighters currently battling against the ancient sorcerer known as Moro, though fans are waiting anxiously for the anime's return.

Nezuko luckily had a happy ending in the manga of Demon Slayer, and without going into spoilers for the finale of the popular anime franchise, it was quite a turn around from the events of the series that had her looking to avenge the loss of her family at the hands of one of the most powerful demons in the world. Broly, in keeping up the comparison with the demon influenced warrior, had something of a happy ending at the end of the recent Dragon Ball Super feature length film that re-introduced him to the continuity of Akira Toriyama's franchise. Returning back to the alien planet that he grew up on, Broly was able to bring his power under control, with it being hinted that he might be a friend to Goku and Vegeta in the future.

Fan Artist Micchiy0829 shared this impressively disturbing fusion that sees Nezuko re-imagined as the Legendary Super Saiyan, perfectly merging the franchises of Dragon Ball Super and Demon Slayer unlike anything else that we've ever seen from the anime community:

A sequel for Demon Slayer hasn't been announced, though fans are definitely crossing their fingers that the franchise will return, considering how quickly it wrapped when comparing it to the likes of Dragon Ball and One Piece, to name a few.

What do you think of this disturbing fusion between the two popular franchises? Do you see Nezuko returning in some sort of sequel to Demon Slayer down the road? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, demon slaying, and Dragon Ball!